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Title: Teachers’ uses of feedback on students’ oral production in basic English courses
Authors: Atencia, Rodrigo
Lambraño, Maira
Issue Date: 2-Oct-2019
Publisher: Universidad de Sucre
Citation: Atencia, R. y Lambraño, M. (2017), Teachers’ uses of feedback on students’ oral production in basic English courses, Universidad de Sucre, Colombia
Abstract: This study attempts to characterize EFL teachers’ uses of feedback on students within the context of oral production, with the use of interviews, surveys, class observations, and field notes. The subjects of the study were two English teachers at a public Colombian university in a foreign language program. The importance of communicative competence has increased among the field of teaching a foreign language, In this sense, oral production has become the skill that students need to develop more immediately. (Bañuelos & Dominguez, 2006). In the foreign language program of the public university of this study, teachers mostly pay attention to this skill, and students are always demanding good performance. Here it is where the relevance to implement better pedagogical practices, and promote improvement in students is required.
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