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    • Detection of Dengue Virus in Department of Bolivar, Colombia, 2012- 2013, Real-Time PCR. 

      Gómez Camargo, Doris Esther; García Toscano, Yina Paola; Ochoa Díaz, Margarita María; Castro Orozco, Raimundo; Camacho Burgos, Erwin Yesid; Blanco Tuirán, Pedro José (Rajasansi, India: Journal Of Advances In Biotechnology, 2014., 2019-11-12)
      To assess the presence of RNA from dengue virus by Real Time Polymerase Chain Reaction with Reverse Transcriptase (qRT-PCR), in anti-dengue IgM seronegative serum samples obtained from symptomatic patients with less than ...